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How we supported the film crew of the documentary "Stolen Innocence"

How we supported the film crew of the documentary "Stolen Innocence"

As Co-founder and Trauma-Assistant for Healing Souls International, Matthias Behrends remotely provided stabilization session to the film crew of this documentary. Here is what Casey Allred, founder of Effect.org had to say:

Healing Souls is an impressive, professional organization that helped our organization immensely. Matthias Behrends led my team through several coaching session while we were filming an emotional documentary about human trafficking in South Asia. The film had a direct impact on several of the filmmakers and we noticed their mood change and requested on Healing Souls to work with each filmmaker. Weeks after the sessions my coworkers were still practicing different techniques Healing Souls recommended and it helped them a lot. I would defiantly recommend Healing Souls for any therapy needs you might have.

by Casey Allred

It is a privilege that we could make a small but meaningful contribution to the creation of this important documentary on human trafficking and sexual exploitation in India and the wider context of this global issue. This shows, how simple methods, even applied via skype over large distances do have an impact on the emotional level.

by Matthias Behrends
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