Healing Souls International is a nonprofit organization with the objective to improve the psychological assistance for populations in distress and professionals assisting them.

We are working towards this goal in a multitude of projects in several countries, including Germany, mainly through trainings for professional caregivers and psychotherapists.

Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of independence and impartiality.

Our methodological framework consists of those methods for the psychotherapeutic treatment of psychological trauma which are acknowledged and considered "state of the art" in the context of the German health care system.

Medical Ethics

HS’ actions are first and foremost trainings in psychotherapy. We carry out our work with respect for the rules of medical ethics, in particular the duty to provide care without causing harm to individuals or groups. We respect patients’ autonomy, patients' confidentiality, and their right to informed consent. We treat our patients with dignity, and with respect for their cultural and religious beliefs. In accordance with these principles, HS endeavors to provide high-quality trainings for professionals and mental health care to all patients, respectively.


Our decision to offer assistance to any institution or organization is based on the fulfillment of conditions listed in the collaboration framework. Our independence is facilitated by our policy to allow only a marginal portion of our funds to come from governments and intergovernmental organizations.

Impartiality and Neutrality

HS offers trainings to professionals based their respective skills and irrespective of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. Our decisions are not based on political, economic, or religious interests. HS does not take sides or intervene according to the demands of governments or warring parties.

Bearing Witness

The principles of impartiality and neutrality are not synonymous with silence. When HS witnesses extreme acts of violence against individuals or groups, the organization may speak out publicly. We may seek to bring attention to extreme need and unacceptable suffering when access to lifesaving medical care is hindered, when medical facilities come under threat, when crises are neglected, or when the provision of aid is inadequate or abused.


HS is committed to regularly evaluating the effects of its activities. We assume the responsibility of accounting for our actions to our trainees, patients, and donors.

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